Tuesday, March 9, 2010


OK - sooo Chris and I started our new healthy living last week! It is a LIFE CHANGE not a diet. We both could stand to lose a few pounds so we rejoined the gym and started our new life! We are doing Weight Watchers. We are not going to the meetings or anything, but have all the tools from being a member in the past and are doing it on our own.

Honestly, it was pretty easy for me. We bought tons of low calorie snacks and lots of fruit. This helps me because I always feel so snacky at the office. By bringing many healthy options to work, I was doing well. I did not even crave Coke which, in itself, is a miracle. We cheated a little on Friday night. It was date night so we had a little cheat, but other than that we stuck to it. Chris weighed in on Sunday and he lost 10 pounds! I was sooo proud of him! The bug was being cranky and did not want to go to the gym that morning with us so I stayed home. I got too lazy and did not end up going at all on Sunday. Last night, I went and got my "last chance" workout in and went to weigh. I knew he was going to say I was 3 or 4 pounds lighter.


I was so stinking mad. I wanted to binge right then. I knew there were some Girl Scout cookies in the pantry and I wanted them. Chris settled me down and I had my nice grilled chicken and vegetables for dinner and a diet ice cream. But let me tell you, if I lose zero again next week, all bets are off!!!

So, that is the crap that has been going on with me! Kendall has school pics tomorrow - they are the spring pics and cap and gown pics. I can't believe my little baby is getting cap and gown pics from pre-school graduation and in two short months she will be graduating pre-k and turning 5. I am very mixed in my emotions about this! I love that she is growing and learning but I miss that sweet little chunky baby!!! I just don't know how 5 years FLEW by in a minute! Our parents tell us it does, but WOW!!!! It is happening!

Remember to hug your babies and spend as much time with them as you can because before you know it they are grown!!

Niki - :) Love is all you need <3

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  1. :o( I am so sorry but you know what? tomorrow is another day and keep on trucking! It was all fat loss and muscle gain! I just know it! HA!