Wednesday, March 3, 2010


OK first, let me say that a friend of a friend is having a giveaway contest - it is really cool! She is counting down the days to her b-day and is giving something aswesome away every other day! Here is the link to her site:

Well, Chris and I kicked off our diet and workout this week. My body is soooo not used to eating light. Yesterday I has a banana, an apple, a Healthy Choice meal for lunch, an orange, a granola bar, and a turkey on honey wheat with mustard sandwich, baked chips and a pickle for dinner. It was all nice and healthy food, but boy were the cravings for chocolate and cookies baaaaddd.

We went to the gym and did the cardio workout on the treadmill that Chris' trainer gave us. It was intense and I sweat so much. It was great! I did not go last night because Chris is going back tonight and I have school so I did not want to have K up there 3 nights in a row. So, I will go again Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday and I will get in 4 workouts. That is all I can squeeze in for now without dragging the girl to the gym every single day (which I could never do). So let's hope that helps me lose some weight this week :)

I start physical therapy for my shoulder today. I am excited and nervous at the same time. We will see how tortured I am after.

Hope you all have a great day and remember, Love is all you need!


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  1. Best of Luck! I used a trainer last summer at Lifetime and it was all threadmill and it worked! Then I stopped and put it all back on! HA! we are actually moving all our workout equipment into the den today! I am very excited and hope to get this weight off! :o( I will be back at Lifetime for the summer! Get ready to meet us for dinner and swimming! ;o)