Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas and on to the New Year

Well, we made it through Christmas! It was so fun! Kendall was SOO excited for Santa to come. She did not want us to read The Night Before Christmas to her because it was too long and she needed a shorter book so she could go to sleep faster. It was so cute! She slept with us and everytime one of us would talk she would shush us. I wish every night was Christmas Eve so she would actually go to bed at a decent time. Santa brought her a Mickey MP3 player, a Nintendo ds and two games, a Sleeping Beauty Barbie with a horse and a Barbie Car - she got some cool stuff in her stocking too - she received TONS of presents and to date we have opened everything that she received and bought with her Christmas money except the Easy Bake oven and Bendaroos and those are both on tonight's agenda. Daddy is REALLLYYY excited to be the food tester LOL!

I was sad to go back to work today because I had such an awesome time hanging out with the family for the past three days. Wednesday night we are going to meet the Ieva's in Flint, Tx to spend a few relaxing days doing nothing! I am going to try and limit the new stuff we take on the trip but I know she will want to play :) Maybe a baby, the DS and the MP3 player.

We took down the outside lights yesterday and just need to get the inside stuff down. With the impendinv vacation, that will wait until next week. I am excited for the new year. 2010 will bring 15 years of marriage, my ladybug turning 5, and the start to two new carrers!! A big big year of change!!!! I know I am ready for it, I just hope it all goes smoothly!!! I am nervous about the 5 year old and the carrer change. Even though I have been working on it FOREVER, it is weird that it is finally here!!

If I don't have a chance to post again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OHHH, one last thing - Kendall READ on Saturday the 26th!!! I was so freaking proud of that angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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