Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a few things from my day. Can you believe that Danny got sent home on American Idol? Kendall just knew he was going to win! I loved them all and they all can't win so someone had to go. Today was pretending day at Kendall's school. Of course, she was Cinderella. She first asked to be Tinkerbell and when I reminded her that we did not own a Tinkerbell outfit she reverted back to Cinderella. At least we are getting our money's worth from the Halloween coustume.

I am steadily waiting on my last grade to post. The grades are not oficially posted until 05/21 at noon, but I am just waiting on my last project grade to post. I only need a 2.4/10 to keep my A. So, I wish she would hurry up!!!!

On another note, I am totally freaked out. I just read an article that there were two attempted child abductions in Atascocita. One of them was IN our neighborhood. I am just thankful that when Kendall starts school she will be with me and I won't have to worry about that. I am so thankful for the choices that Chris and I have made to lead us donm this path. It has taken us longer than planned, but when Kendall thinks back to her childhood from Kindergarten on, she will remember us being with her on all her holidays. It is something that I cherish from having a mom as a teacher and I hope she will too.

Well, tomorrow is Friday and that kicks off our super busy next three weeks so I will try and update with pics as fast as I can. We have Gymboree, b-day party, b-day, and a fun vacation coming up! Can't wait!!!


  1. Hey you! Aren't you just so cute. I love the blog. You inspire me to be a better blogger! LOL anyway, I actually had a relevant comment, but I totally forgot what it was. Oh well. I'll come back if I remember.

  2. oh yeah, I remember now... where are you going on vacation? (and the correct answer would be, "to see you, of course!!!"

  3. I wish - but Kendall has her heart set on seeing Shamu again. Wednesday we will be in Galveston and Thu-Sun San Antonio. You know when we have our vacation - summer 2011 - me and you all alone!! Look out world!

  4. yes!!! I can't wait for that. I think Warren would want me to sign something first that says, "I promise I will not get a tattoo." LOL