Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wow - December 6th....

Well, that is the last time I posted...I was not in the mood for blogging. I was down most of the month but now...I AM ALL BETTER!!!! I am happy and in a much better place.

On Dec. 14th I had to have a procedure - they found pre-cancerous cells on my cervix and I had to have them removed...I was pretty nervous about it but it was being done in the office and I have complete faith in OBGYN. I love him to pieces. So, I got that done and found out yesterday that all is well and they got all the cells and the margins were clean. I have to come back in 3 mos. for a check-up and then again every 6 mos. for a few years to just make sure all is well.

Another reason I was really down was because Christmas was looming over me. I knew I wasn't going to have my ladybug on Christmas eve night or Christmas morning. I was DREADING those 2 days...I tried to make the most of it.

I took off 12/23 and we had a fun morning of donuts and wrapping presents. WE left home and went to get our nails done. She got red polish with candycanes on each thumb and big toe. I got the same red polish on my toes and some fancy glitter polish she picked out for my fingers. We had a nice time and I saw one of my good friends that I hadn't seen in ages. Then we were off to College Station!!!! We were meeting R and J there at Santa's Wonderland. We were so excited to go! J had never been and R hadn't been in ages so I was excited to take them and excited to see them since we hadn't seen each other in 2 weeks and wouldn't be able to spend Christmas together...We had a blast! The kids played in the snow, rode the bull, saw the lights, and even saw the REAL Santa there walking around in his regular clothes!!! It was nice to see my honey too!

Saturday bug had to go home at 10am. I ran a few errands after and then had lunch with my parents. Then I saw KJ about 6 and gave her some last minute hugs and went home. I tried not to dwell on it. I watched 4 Christmases, The Family Stone, and How to Lose a guy in 10 days. Then I went to bed and tried to sleep late.

Sunday I started getting texts as early as 730 from my friends thinking about me. It was sweet but I was really trying to sleep late so the time would go by faster. I got up and started getting ready. I got a message that KJ wanted to come home at 11 instead of 12!!!! WOO HOO!!!! I got there at 11 on the dot and she wanted to show me all her presents. We left about 11:40 and went home. She opened all her presents and played with one or two and we went to mom's! We had lots of fun there too. By the time everyone left, it was 9pm and I really didn't feel like driving home so we decided to stay over. Sadly my baby's cough had gotten worse over the last few days (I had taken her to the dr. on 12/16) si I got up and made her an appt. for 9:30 in Kingwood. We quickly got ready and got to the dr.

They gave her some antibiotics so she could get better. We ran home, got showers and were off again. She had saved up $36 over the last few months from tooth fairy, and being cute and getting 100's on EVERY spelling test all year long. She wanted to go to Build-a-Bear. She got a polar bear with a cute dress on. We ate at Chick-Fil-A and then went home to PLAY WITH NEW PRESENTS!!! We did it all!! Shrinky Dinks, Nintendo DS games, paints, Wuggle Pets, you name it, we played it. We had fun....but alas, the fun had to end and she had to go back to her dad's because it is his week after all.

This week is a short one and for that I am glad. I got to see my monkey last night and we had fun. She has been out of daycare all week and home with her dad. She has a dentist appt. this afternoon and three loose teeth so I am anxiously awaiting the outcome of that.

Have a Happy New Year!!!!!!

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