Monday, August 15, 2011


ok, so I have been told that it is time for an update!

Well, what can I say. They divorce was final on 8/02. It was weird. I knew I was done but the finality of it was weird. I guess the feeling of failure was really what I felt. I tried and tried to save things and I just couldn't do it anymore. But I am done and I can move on.

What else is going on...Kendall is starting 1st grade in just a few days. I am not prepared. I didn't cry on the 1st day of school last year, but I might this year. 1st grade is SO BIG! How did my baby get so big so fast??? Also, she has signed up for softball again for the fall season and we just signed up for cheer classes. It is just recreational cheer for now, but she went last night and LOVED it! She has done soccer and gymnastics and softball. She loves softball and is getting better, but she went into that class last night and ROCKED cheer!! I was so proud of my girl. She went in not even being able to do a cartwheel and came out almost able to do one. It doesn't hurt that there are 2 coaches and 3 girls and one of the coaches is director of cheer at the school. She will also be in Daisy Scouts again.

Me..well that is another story LOL. I am working full time. Nothing new. I am now a single mom. I am ok with that. But, I love being involved in volunteering with kids so here is what I am doing...I am the scout leader again but I now have a co-leader. I was thinking about coaching softball again, but last night my friend asked me to be on the PTO board as the carnival co-chair. I think that sounds AWESOME! My mom was big into all our school carnivals so I think that is super neat. I also am thinking about taking a yearbook position. I am still waiting on more information on that. I will also be an ASST. coach for softball.

I know, I might have lost my mind. But you know what. I remember my mom ALWAYS being involved and I loved it. I want Kendall to know that even though I worked, I did everything I could to be involved with her. I told her tonight I was going to be more involved in the PTO and she was so excited!

SOoooooo the next school year is going to be a busy one.

Here comes the sun!!!!!

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