Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend fun!

I had a busy week. I cleaned and work was busy. But, this weekend was SO nice!!

Friday night I went to my friend Laura's house. We have not hung out with each other in so long!!! I stopped and got some beer and headed over. She was cooking fajitas when I got there and fed me. She noticed that I had lost some weight - she actually noticed that I had lost a lot of weight. I am up to up to 17 lbs in 2 months. It was nice to see someone notice it. Other people are noticing too but I hadn't seen her since I lost any so it was nice of her to notice. We hung out for a few hours. I loved it. We even have plans this coming week for dinner.

Saturday morning I got up early and headed over to get my puppies. I can't keep them here in the apartment. It is not safe for me to walk them at night and if I have K here I don't feel safe leaving her in here alone. They are late night pee pee dogs so I just couldn't do it. So, off to the SPCA they went. K knew it was coming and her dad said she did really well after I left with them. I went back and picked her up for the weekend. We came home and relaxed and were lazy. We left later and went to the library. We got K all signed up for the summer reading program. Then we went Petco and looked around at all the animals. We headed to Walmart to get Granny a birthday cake. Yesterday Granny turned 69 and we were having a little family dinner. We had a nice time. Granny wanted to cook dinner (I still haven't figured out why she wanted to cook her own birthday dinner) and we had ribs and brisket.

This morning we got up and cleaned and did laundry. A little later we watched one of our fav movies, Tangled. I cleaned my bedroom (I still had some boxes). I ironed and cleaned and did dishes. I feel SUPER accomplished today. I still have some cleaning to do, but K is at dads this week so I have some time.

I still have not gotten everything moved out of the house yet so I am going to try and finish that Monday and Tuesday evening. I am ready to be done. I still need to get a storage unit for all the big stuff that won't fit in either apartment. Hopefully I will be all done moving storage stuff and apartment stuff by the end of this month!!

I am looking forward to a good and speedy week! I love weekends. I look forward to them. Plus we start our new visitation this week. The plan is that K will be with him starting Monday evening this week and he has her all week except Wednesday when I get her. I get her back on Monday after work and have her all week except Wednesday when he has her. We will keep this schedule and it will be in the divorce this way.

Here comes the sun......

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