Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vacation :)

OK, I know I have been home for a week now, but I have been busy. Here is my vacation recap!!!

We got to Charleston on Wednesday evening. It was a nice flight! Kendall had a great time and slept a little. As we were landing she has a little pain in her left ear, but that didn't surprise me since she has had so many sinus and ear problems in the past. My sweet nephew was at the hotel when we got there and I got such a huge hug! Kendall couldn't get out of the car fast enough to get to her Joshy! We got checked in and upstairs. I was supposed to go out with Amanda for the bachelorette party but they had already gone downtown and I didn't want to take a cab down there. Josh wanted me to go with him and his friends, but I didn't want to be the only girl there. Curtis and Kristin decided to go too. So, we headed to Josh's apartment and then over to his friend Al's house. We hung out there for a little and then got a cab downtown. We went to this bar called Market Street Pub. It reminded me of a cool bar in San Antonio that isn't there anymore, but I loved it! We left there and went to a daiquiri bar - while we were there we ran into all the girls! We all ended up bat at Market Street. It was a blast! I had so much fun!!

Thursday was the rehearsal. We had to to go to the mall to get the boy's tuxs. We hung out there for awhile and then had some lunch. I had to run over to David's Bridal to drop K's dress off to be steamed. We headed over to Dunes West where the wedding was. The wedding party practiced what they needed to practice. We left there and headed over to Wild Wings for the rehearsal dinner. It was so nice. It was exactly what I pictured for Amanda and Josh. After all, it is his fav place of all! I hung out after at the bar with the bride, groom and their friends! It was a nice time.

Friday morning was super lazy. I went and got K's dress and then we headed to the wedding. She had to be there about 3:30 to get ready. It was so nice to be able to spend that time with Amanda! Then it was TIME! The wedding was PERFECT. A fairy tale. It was on a golf course on some water under a huge old tree at sunset. It was gorgeous and simple all at the same time. The reception was a blast and the two of them smiled the entire night. Of course, my little dancing machine danced the night away! She had a BLAST!!!

Saturday we got up and ready and headed to historical Charleston. We went on the ferry ride to Fort Sumpter. This is where the first battle of the Civil War was. I don't love to read about history, but I love to see history. It is amazing to know you are standing on such an important place in America's history. We went down to the slave markets after that. It is the only place that where slaves were allowed to work off the plantations. Basically it is just a big vendors market. We had dinner at Tommy Condon's which is an Irish Pub. It was different, but yummy. After dinner everyone but mom, dad, K and I went back to the hotel. The four of us decided to take a horse carriage ride through historic Charleston. It was so cool! I learned so much. We even saw the English Customs brokerage house. It is where the second and biggest reading of the Declaration of Independence was read.

Sunday was the beach! We headed down to Isle of Palms. We went to the surf shops first and got a few things. Then we headed to the beach. It was Curtis, Kristin, Max, Declan, Jacob, Maegan, K and I. I took K into the water and she had sooo much fun. I took her pretty deep. We were jumping waves and having so much fun. When the tide started coming in we decided to head back to the hotel. We all got cleaned up and met the rest of the family at Smoky Bones where Amanda works. Of course she wasn't there, but Tia, one of the bridesmaids was and she waited on us.

Monday we got up and ready and headed home. I was so ready to be home and in my house again, but I had such an AMAZING time. It was one of my fav all time vacations ever. I am ready to go back. I think it would be a nice couple vacation. It seemed to be a very romantic town.


Here comes the sun!

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