Tuesday, November 23, 2010


adding a few more...

My beautiful Christmas ornaments.
Kendall's school and her WONDERFUL teacher, Mrs. McIntosh.

First, let me explain WHY I am thankful for my ornaments. I absolutely love them. Every single one tells a story to me and Chris and Kendall is starting to share in the stories. We have one for EVERY YEAR we have been together. There are some left that we bought from our very first tree. There are also a few from my childhood on there. Kendall has one for every year she has been alive. I love to get them out and laugh with the family and remember the year we got them and why and how. This year she had SO much fun decorating. She can't wait to buy her new one and our family one this year. She already knows where she wants to put them. We also go to Cracker Barrel every year and get about 10 ornaments there. Did I mention I LOVE my tree. It tells such a great story! Some people I know have a fancy tree and then a "kid" tree. Our tree is OUR tree. It is my family written all over it!!

Second, Kendall's school is awesome. They have had so many fun things so far this year. Last Wednesday they had a Thanksgiving Feast. They invited parents. I was able to sneak over on my conference hour. Chris could not come but I did not tell her I was coming. I snuck in and surprised her! It was so cute!!! The girls had bonnets on and the boys had pilgrim hats on. It was awesome! K and I had a great time. Granny came too. I took some pics, ate quickly, and ran back to work. I was so thankful to have been able to do that!! Yesterday they had something called big centers. I was not able to go, but today I got to see all the fun stuff they made. She made an indian feather hat, an indian vest, a tee pee out of a tortilla, a macaroni necklace, and a place mat. They made all these things for their feast today. But first, Chris is out this week so he took her Chick-Fil-A for lunch. She was SOOO surprised! She had no idea he was coming. He said she wore her indian headband to lunch. CUTE!! After lunch was their feast. We made pumpkin bread. She was SO proud because Mrs. McDougald (sub - more on that later) wanted some of her bread. She saved Daddy and me some too! Sweet monkey! She said she also had some turkey, crackers, and some muffins. I LOVED hearing about her day and looking at all her wonderful projects!!!! She is STOKED about Thanksgiving!!!!

Now, why we love Mrs. McIntosh!!!!!!! There are SO many reasons! Kendall LOVES her to pieces. She hugs her every day and tells me all the time how much she loves her. One day Kendall was out sick for two days and Mrs. McIntosh called and checked on her. It was her b-day and Kendall was so sad. We dashed up to school to drop off her card because K was in tears for missing it. In the message when she called to check on her, she thanked us for the card. I let K hear the message and her little face lit up. About a week later, she sent home a thank you note too! She is such a sweet lady!! Last Tuesday she had surgery and we got a note she was going to be out until after Thanksgiving. I was SO sad that she was going to miss the kids feasts. She missed last weeks, but K said that she came up to their class feast today for a little bit. I thought that was SO amazing!!!

Only two more days to the big TURKEY day!!! YUM YUM YUM!!! Can't wait. I know Harry Potter and Tangled are in our future, but I can't say much more is!! I need to get fingerprinted so I can get my sub stuff in Humble's system and so they are on file for Jan if I get a job.

I am so excited to spend the next 5 awesome days with my sweet baboo's!!!!!

Peace!!!!! Have an awesome Thanksgiving y'all.

Remember, LOVE is all you need!!!!!!

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