Sunday, November 21, 2010

Love the holidays!!!

YAY! We put up our tree today! It is so pretty!

Kendall's parent teacher conference back in October was great! She is performing beyond end of Kinder level! I was soooo proud!!! Halloween was fabulous! We had so much fun!

Girl scouts is going great! We have had two meetings and are having our investiture ceremony on the 9th of Dec.

Chris and I only have 4 weeks left before we are both certified full-fledged teachers. I took my special-ed cert test on Sat - not sure how I did - the test was totally different then the book I bought to study...SO, Tuesday will tell me what I need to know!

I have so many things going on with me and friends! Some are separating, some are adopting and some are just being there for us all. I have been having terrible headaches.

This is a random posting with random things in random order.

I love random.

I have been posting things I am thankful for all month on FB.

I want to list them here:
-my parents
-my friends who love me for who I am
-my sweet puppies
-the fact that you can still find kindness in strangers
-Kendalls beautiful imagination
-thankful for my daddy, brothers, nephews, and countless others who gave their heart, soul and sometimes life to keep the rest of us safe
-weekends and the quality time they bring my family
-Pizza Hut's Book-it program
-Kendall's relationship with my mom
-I am a strong person who does not care what other people think about me :)
-Kendall's Love (she loves me infinity) and the Beatles!!
-over the counter meds
-other people's generosity
-good books

4 more days to go until Thanksgiving. I will post those 4 again soon!

So, Humble has school tom and Tues (BOOOOOOOOO) so K and I will be there, but Splendora is out so Daddy will be at home! It is going to be SO hard to get up!!! But, we are teaching fun stiff and I have a sub meeting tomorrow so only half day!


Remember, Love is all you need!!!!!

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