Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Moving Right Along

I am very bad about updating this thing in a timely manner. I thought I would do better but I am over two months again. School was just beginning for me this semester and now it is coming to a close! I have lust over 7 weeks until I graduate. The big day is 12/20. I am so excited! It really is happening. It is hard to believe but it is!! It seems like a dream! We both went last week to have our acceptance interview into the teaching program at Lonestar College. All they are waiting on for me is my final transcript and I can start applying for jobs. They have it set up that I can start my observations, but I will wait until the Spring to start that! Too much going on here before!

We do take a class at the end of November for 4 weeks called Tools 4 Teaching. It is based on Fred Jones' methods of a good classroom. I have read about this in school and have been advised by many teachers that this a very helpful course so I am excited. I think I am excited because it will be my first class to become a teacher!!! In January we both have to take PPR (Pedagogy & Professional Responsibilities) and another continuing education class - we have decided to take Special Populations because it will be most helpful in a school setting.

I took my content exam back in September and passed! I am certified to teach EC-4 generalist. It was such an awesome feeling to see that passing score. I was sure I had failed!! Chris takes his math in November so keep your fingers crossed!!!

Kendall has been playing soccer for about a month now and is doing SO much better than she did last fall. She even scored a few goals this year!!! YAY!!! She is in dance and is doing great. She really loves her teacher Ms. Tinkerbell. I can't wait until their recital - only about 6 more weeks or so! I will def post pics!!

It is almost Halloween! It is def one of my favorite holidays! I think it kicks off the holiday season and is so fun! Kendall is going to be a hippie - or as she calls it a "Peace Out chick". It is going to be so cute! And what fun! Halloween is on a SATURDAY!!!!

Until next time - Happy Holidays!!!!

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