Tuesday, June 23, 2009

WOW! I just realized that I have not posted all month. I was thinking of some funny things Kendall has said in the last few days and wanted to get them down. I have a Willow Tree Angel that is a mommy and a daughter that are looking at each other. The other day I asked her if that was us and she said yes. She said we were talking to each other. I told her I must be telling her that I love her more than anything in the whole wide world. She said no, that I was saying "When you are 6 we are going to Disneyworld". That made me laugh so hard. I wish I could take her now, but it is so expensive. Another funny thing was the other day she stubbed her toe pretty bad and it had some hanging skin. I clipped it off and she was so stressd that it would never grow back. She told me that it has to because she needs her whole body! The things that four year olds think of!!

Father's day was great. We kept our tradition of going to Le Peep in the village for breakfast. Kendall still does not eat whipped cream or syrup. I can't imagine that a dry pancake tastes good, but she thinks it does. We got daddy a new wallet and some cute cards and a day of uninterrupted family time. We watched some TV, went to the pool and let him pick dinner. Kendall gave him tons and tons of kisses and hugs. It was perfect!

I read today that my official graduation date is 12/20/09. I am so excited. At least I will officialy be done with college. I still have to take the alternative cert classes, but I will finally have my degree! I am stressed about finding a job next year, but everyone tells me not to worry. We will see...

On another note, my oldest nephew's wife had their second baby yesterday. His name is Declan and he was 8lbs. 3 oz. and 20". I have not seen him yet. They are not allowing visitors at the hospital so I will have to see him some time after he arrives back at home. Can't wait to snuggle him.

I am so happy. I love my husband and my daughter. I have a great family and we have a great future coming towards us. I just can't wait until next August. I have peace in my life. I am learning to live stress free. I have stress don't get me wrong, but I am learning to manage it better. Kendall is so sweet and funny all the time. She has her moments, but even when she is grumpy I feel so blessed. She has recently over the past few months become a HUGE Hannah Montana fan. She says when she grows up she is going to be Hannah Montana and then when she is done she will be a teacher like Daddy and Mommy. That just melts my heart. She has been taking swim lessons and has gained so much confidence in the water. I am glad that we are members of a gym where the pool is open year round so she can keep practicing! We are all just here. Taking summer classes and trying to reach our goals.

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