Tuesday, January 3, 2012


WOW!!! I can't believe it is 2012. As a teenager I thought I would be SO old by this time. I am older, but it doesn't feel like it. I guess when you are young, 36 (in 33 days) seems so much older than actually being 36 (in 33 days). I am still not driving a flying car...a flying car would make my life SO much easier....or teleporting...that would be amazing!!! Someone needs to invent that. It would really mike my life SO much easier.
I have been thinking and thinking about things that I need or want to change in 2012 and I honestly can't think of anything. I love my life. I have lost weight last year, I have created a life of happiness for myself and my daughter, I have someone in my life who really cares about me and makes me feel amazing about who I am. I have it all. I am SO HAPPY. I got through the yucky old first Christmas after bring divorced. The only reason it was yucky was because I couldn't be with my girl. Other than that it was good.
So, I guess for my resolution, I will just vow to continue on my road of happiness!!!! I think this is attainable. I don't see why it wouldn't be. So, here is to a happy 2012 :)
One thing I am REALLY excited about is Project 365 + 1 2012. a bunch of friends and I are doing this together. The person who had the idea created a FB page for us to share! I am so so excited! I have wanted to do this for YEARS, but never really had the motivation. I think now that I have other people doing it with me I will be accountable for it. I am excited. Here are my first 2 pics of the year.
It is a charm that R gave me...yes it is a tractor and I LOVE IT!!!!!!
Here is the Day 2 :) Aren't we cute LOL
Happy New year! Get ready for a super happy me and 366 pics!!!!!


  1. Love the pics!! I'm all excited about the 365 +1 :-) I hope I stay motivated to take a pic of everyday life ALL year long!

  2. Yeah Niki! So so so happy for you!!! Julie J.