Thursday, October 21, 2010


SOOOO many things have happened since I last blogged!!!! First, a day or two after I last posted, I got laid off from my job...MAJOR problem!! I figured I would get on unemployment, find a teaching job and be good to go. Kendall and I would have the summer together and it would be awesome. Well, we had an amazing summer together! Some great just Kendall and Mommy time. BUT, I did not get the job I was praying everyday for so I decided we would tough it out and I would student teach, get my cert done by December and try and snag a job in January.

HA! Next step - Chris gets laid off!! DOWNER!!!!!!! We have a huge heart to heart and after the advice of a few fab people, we decide we are going to bite the bullet and he will student teach too since he did not get an internship either.

I got placed in Humble and am teaching 3rd grade. I love it! I love my kids and the school and hope they will hire me when I am done! Chris is in Splendora and teaching 8th grade math. He loves the job but hates the drive! We will be done in December and are praying for both of us to get jobs for the spring semester! At least one of us has to! If not, back to a real job (not teaching).

My life is so up in the air right now and I hate not knowing what my future holds. I know God has a plan for me, I just wish He would let me in on his secret!!!!

My dad has been sick all summer as well. He had surgery on his kidney at the end of July and had major complications. He was on dialysis for a few months. They took him off in September and he was ELATED to say the least!! We were not expecting him to get off so soon!! THEN, the last week in September he tripped and fractured his hip. They initially told him nothing was wrong with it, but a week later he went back and they found the fracture. When they were examining him, they did a cat scan and found two more huge stones. They did a surgery a few days later and another one just after that. He is now in a rehab facility for another week or so to work out the fracture. We are waiting to see how well the screws do and if it heals to see if they need to do another surgery. Only time will tell.

Another MAJOR and amazing thing happened while I was away. My sweet baby staeted KINDERGARTEN!!! I can't believe it. I cried the day before, but not the day of. Ok, well just a tiny bit but I did well. She was a rock star and so excited to be there that it was hard to be sad. Her teacher is Mrs. McIntosh at Timbers Elementary. She absolutely loves school and is learning so much! I dictated a sentence to her tonight and she wrote it!!! MY BABY IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris turned 38 lasst night and we went to Hectors to celebrate and K and I made him a cake! I had them sing to him! It was great!!!

Fall and the holidays are coming so I will try and post more often!!

Until then, Remember, Love is all you need!!!!

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