Thursday, June 3, 2010

June Already??!?!?!?!?!?

WOW! I can't believe June is here. I actually have nothing to do...That sounds wacky. Aside from a couple of kid b-day parties, I have nothing. No summer school - that is a first in many many years. I really don't know what to do. I feel like a kid in a candy store :). I can go to the pool, the gym, the track, the store, whatever, and I can do it any night of the week. I have no deadlines, no papers, and no stress. It is creeping me out HA HA. The thing I am doing now is working on getting Chris and me jobs! I need to be in the classroom! I love kids and I love learning so put them together and I can teach kids! I am so ready!! So, please continue to pray for us and maybe we will be starting school with Kendall this fall!!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend. We went and played putt putt, went bowling, went to the pool, and went to the movies. Shrek 4 was cute. Not nearly as good as the other's, but I still laughed a ton! It was a great weekend and we spent some sweet bonding time as a family.

Last night (this morning) we had some excitement. About 4am a transformer blew at the house behind us. I heard it and it woke me up. I looked out the window and it was on fire. I called 911, the fireman came and eventually put the fire out. While waiting for the firemen, the thing surged and exploded about 6 more times. If anyone watches Lost, it compares to last season when the island was moving and that huge flash of light would come just before it moved. It was BRIGHT!!!!! The dogs and Kendall were scared (so was Mommy). Just as soon as I laid back down to rest with no power, there was a knock at the door. This was the light company coming to work on it I guess. I redirected him and went back to bed. It was SO hot with no power and I had Pretzel and Kendall who were laying on me. UGH. I have had no sleep. I told the daycare that I might come there during nap time to rest!

Other than that, nothing going on here. No plans this weekend at all. I am sure we will find something to do, but I hope the extent of it means I don't have to fix my hair LOL! Maybe the pool! I do have to fix some pictures to get printed! I have a retreat in 3 weeks and I am out of pics!

Well, off to nap HAHA!! Not really, let me get to work!

Remember, love is all you need!!

Have a great weekend!!


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